January 19th, 2012Why Ballroom Dancing?

Why would a macho guy pick ballroom dancing?

And why did I get into it? Good question – growing up I was listening to a lot of hard rock, disco, house music and I felt like dancing. So I’d turn off the lights in my room and try to improvise the dance moves of McHammer, Technotronic and some others. Now I realize I had a passion for dancing and just had to go and take lessons. But somehow it remained a distant dream. There were studies and there was a sport I was doing at the time (rowing), then there was the army, then there were more studies, then family, career…

So one day, when my soul was aching, I was anxious to try some new things and thought to myself – I’ve always wanted to do it, so why not now! I Googled “dance lessons toronto” and … went to the first site on the list and discovered a new class has begun two days ago. Hmm… I thought, maybe I can still get in. I’m a hot guy. Some lucky lady must be looking for dance partner, I thought. I telephoned the owner of dance school and arranged a first class at the end of the week.

First lesson was … well more than overwhelming. I showed up downtown on laid back Sunday afternoon, found a studio, joined my first class and … learned two dances!  Now I know what you’re thinking – no way Jose! Not in one hour! But it’s true – it was an American Foxtrot and a Cha Cha. Sure it was only a basic step, done in a beginner’s fashion, skipping the intricacies of proper technique, but the music was turned on and we were dancing. There was a partner for me, somewhat similar in height, who has, just like me decided to join a class and try ballroom dancing. It felt great!

If you’ve never tried to dance with the partner before, I can tell you there is this pleasant and exciting feeling of moving with the music and actually knowing that you’re doing it somewhat in an organized fashion instead of  just shaking your behind. I mean there is nothing wrong with shaking it, but it much more classy and sophisticated … like ballroom dancing.  Now I’m really getting in touch with my emotions here…



  1. All! Exercise releases endhrpoines into your body which actually put you in a better mood. Exercise helps your body make better use of using fat as energy. And finally, doing more or better than you did last time will help you build self esteem. Martial arts and dancing, as you mentioned, may be even better in building self esteem because you’ll actually be learning a new skill that the majority of the population does not know.The most important thing is to find something you enjoy and then put your all into it every single time. Don’t focus on anything else when you do it and try to better yourself every single time.

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